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Houston Zoo Lights!

Oh Christmas, how ye are filled with so many memories. You accommodate so many of your celebrators.

Tonight at the Houston Zoo's "Zoo Lights" my family and I enjoyed the zoo (surprisingly with very few animals) and an amazing arrangement of lights throughout the park. People there were from everywhere! You saw the old and young, the tourist and veteran, the couple and family, the rich and poor, and the angels and the sinners. But one common thing among all who were in attendance, was the spirit of happiness. Even if some in the park were feeling overwhelmed by children, or maybe not as healthy as always, you could feel that they had a good time being there to celebrate such a beautiful holiday.

So once again, as I set off to write one thing a night until Christmas, I have the spirit of community and love to report on.

So Merry Christmas to y'all, and to y'all a goodnight!