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Rich vs. Poor

The song Dear Mr. President by P!ink inspired this blog:
I want to know why athletes/actors/musicians/politicians get paid more than average Joe who grows the very food you need to live. I want to know why it's not just a difference of thousands, but of MILLIONS. Even if we don't like said "famous person"by going to see their movies, or listening to their songs, or going to their games, just to say you've seen it is adding to their excessive amount of money.
Why do they deserve it? What have they done to better mankind on a day to day scale? Do they donate more than 75% of their paycheck to charity, or do they buy 3 cars and a hot tub to match the curtains? Do they donate their spare time to the local boys and girls club of america to help teach the youth their skills, EVERYDAY?
There are people who do that. But why don't they get the millions? Why don't they get the recognition? Why don't they get the paparazzi? Why don't they get the spots on The Tonight Show? Why can't the next People magazine headline be titled, top 10 most helpful men of 2010?
Why do we let celebrities run our lives? Why do they come up in conversation? Why are they plastered onto the TV for our kids to see? Do we want our kids to say one day
"I want to be like Kim Kardashian! She's so pretty and has a big butt! Plus look at Reggie and all the nice things she has!"
Or do you want your kid to say
"I wish I could be Donna Goodjob, she volunteered for 3 hours at our school today serving food because we're running low on money and can't afford to hire more lunch ladies. They day before she went down to the homeless shelter and donated all of her good clothes and kept her old ones. She's so nice, and look at the peace she has in her eyes. It's like she could die happy knowing she did something good."
I honestly want to be like Donna Goodjob. She sounds like a happy, taken care of, not needy, person. She doesn't need a lot to be happy, just the smile and thanks she gets from the people she helps, if that. She just feels good knowing she did something.
But instead we have corrupt politicians, drunk actors, high musicians, and abusive athletes. And they make the big bucks? It doesn't make sense to me...