"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi "I will be a Hummingbird, I will do the best that I can." -Wangari Maathai "Where stereotypes begin with a grain of truth, cliches begin with a boulder" - George Watsky "And she's gonna learn, that this life will hit you - hard - in the face - wait for you to get back up just so it can kick you in the stomach, but getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs, how much they like the taste of air." - Sarah Kay "Do not fear what has blown up. If you must, fear the unexploded." -Suheir Hammad


So I'm in a very "deep" mood.

I want to know why there are certain rules. No Murder, burglary, vandalism, I get that. But social rules like, You can't wear that. You can't say that. You can't do that. It's wrong. And yet most of us abide by them. Why? Why do we conform to what others think is best, even though they're learning as you do. Why do we make fun of what other people are doing wearing or saying? Who said that it wasn't cool? And what makes you cool? Why do we try to stop other's creativity? Why do we think that lives need to be lived a certain way? Why are there ideas of the perfect american family? With a mother, who stays at home but is always made up and cleaning the house. A father, who works with a briefcase at a cubicle job. A son who plays soccer and has only guy friends with brown hair and freckles. A daughter who always has long brown braids and plays with Barbie and her girl scouts. And Spot, their lovable golden retriever in their two story red brick house surrounded by a white picket fence. Now I want all of you to think how close that is to your own life. If it's so different, then why do we have ideas of perfection? Perfection is meeting your own standard for yourself. So why are there exclusive clubs? Why are there qualifications? Why is there a reason for the word rejection? Why do you think we have suicide, columbine, hatred, drug abuse, divorce, lies, hypocrites. Because we're all trying to meet this "perfect" standard in life. Where did this standard come from? Why hasn't it been abolished?

Why are people so simple-minded? Why don't people wonder anymore? Why don't kids want to learn anymore? They take it as punishment. Because the education system says kids need to know quantum mechanics for life, and also where Mesopatamia is located and why it's important to history. They say we need to know how to do math with no application but a passing grade for college. But if it's so important, how come when kids ask there parents for help, the parents don't remember? Because it's not important. It's stored in short term memory until Mid terms or Finals. Then when the kid finds something they personally are interested in, they quickly remove algebra, chemistry, and history. This, in my opinion, makes learning this stuff useless. But kids need to take it to get into a good college. But average grades and average extracurriculars don't get an average kid anywhere.

So back to the perfect american family. Their average. So when average johnny applies for average college, he won't make it, because he's too average. He's then forced to work at a low end job tearing his family slowly apart.

So once again, why is being the perfect average american family good? Why must we follow society's social class rules? When that gets us no where but into depression?

If you pull anything from my blog, pull this:
Follow what you believe, yearn for your passion, fight for your individuality. This will in turn make you a stronger happier and more unique individual. Ready for what the world has to offer you and not made too comfortable by your "perfect life".