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Twofaced...and why I hate them.

Wow it's been forever since I've blogged. I should get on more. So today my friend Murtle called me who I haven't spoken to in FOREVER. So I was ecstatic to talk to her. She was just waiting after SAC camp for her mom to come pick her up. So we kinda caught up. And we started talking about this boy who goes to my mom's church named John*. He used to be homeschooled and had no (still doens't have any) social skills. So while I'm at a church event one evening me and him are the only teenagers so I start bringing up how he's going to my school. He tells me how he's going to be the light of christ and bring God into every conversation. Now do not get me wrong. I am all for that. What I'm not for is saying that, then when giving every girl (and Alex) in school a hug practically humping them, telling people to do something and calling them cocky b**ches behind they're back, and acting as if he has earned the right to be a prep and like the rest of the guys the school loves. Yet we hate/dislike him. He doesn't get how the school works and the only way he's had experience is through TV and what one clique from the junior class tells him. It's outrageous. I wouldn't think anything of it if he hadn't been nice to my friend (throwing her high fives complementing her and telling her to tell the new freshman how athletics is) and then calling her a cocky b**ch behind her back! It's outrageous! It is horrifyingly mad and it just repluses me. Another reason I'm not to fond of my mom's church. The youth are two faced. Maybe the can give a lesson on that and somehow weave it in on how it's blasphemous.