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Another life? or just answers?

It's official. I have this dream EVERY summer. It's always when I'm bored. I dream about school. I dont remember what the dream was about but it had the school in it. And we were in the school. Oh joy. But not for long will I be bored. I have Ivanhoe to read. And I'm on the hunt. The hunt for a man in which I carry his blood around all day. Inside of me. In fact I have since I was conceived. Yes this man would be my birth dad. I just want answers sooo bad. I have his name. And from what my mom (adoptive) has told me he shoudl be in utah public records. To bad they'respirations not free. Ugh. I have 30 people to look through for $40.00. Ugh. But for answers it's worth it. I have no problem with my life. But most little boys and girls get excited in science when we start learning about DNA. Then we get the worksheet to take home and compare ourselves with our parents. Wait a second. I don't know my birth parents. So to people if this seems like I just want a new life or I'm being selfish towards my mom and dad. Think of it this way. Tell me a time when you looked a hallmark card in walmart that had something about great hereditary traits on it then had to put it back because the mom or dad you were getting it for weren't where you got your hereditary traits. Then tell me I'm selfish.