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another dream

So let me set the night before.
Night: We were messaging a girl named Bethany on myspace because we haven't heard from her in a while. (me and jessie)(small snipet of what happens)

Dream:Jessie had her liscense and was driving Maren's car from Katy to Hockley with me in shotgun and Mary in back. With Maren's permission to drive the car. We got out to Waller at this gas station. We pulled around to the front and I saw Bethany. So I yelled to her and she came over and gave me and Jessie a hug. Then we went in the store. Mary was being so weird and had to hold the keys but we were like no it's not you're car AND you're not driving it. Give it here. So when we walked in we saw my dad with Maren. She was trying to find swim trunks that said "amen old timer" on the back. I told her just to get sofee shorts and get iron letters on the back. She was amazed. Then my mom showed up. Maren and my dad were waiting for us to get done doing what we were doing so they waited in the couch waiting area. My mom showed up there and was SO rude to Maren. We all got mad at her so she left. Then we got what we needed and Jessie drove us home in the CR-V and Maren and my dad in the mitsubishi. (Norah was at Jan's)

Lovely right? I thought it was:)