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Adults and why they're right for once.

Ok so after trying to call my friend to get the update with her and her bf, because if I didn't now I wouldn't get it at a time I didn't find resonable, I'm trying to get the juicy details in the middle of "hold on, I'm texting, Amanda wants to talk to you," and " *click click click*". I realized that me trying to be a good friend and wanting to know was unimportant in this matter. I merely told her once I finally had her attention I wasn't putting up with this and I was going to hang up. This caused her to shush all other things and focusing on me staying on the phone. Of course I knew she would go back to the boyfriend and the friend, So I told her to call me when she had a moment of free time. She agreed we hung up and now (from experience with her) she is probably venting to her other friend about how I was out of line because I've done that before to her. I know have learned from my mistake and will take the advice of all adults.

****Cellphone etiquette rule #35****
Do not text while talking on the phone.
****Telephone etiquette rule #3****
Do not talk to someone while they'respirations on the phone
****Telephone etiquette rule #7****
Do not talk to other people while on the phone with someone else unless asking a simple yes or no question

I will now be following these rules. As to follow my goal and not be hypocritical. Because it is highly annoying and I refuse to take it any longer. Thank you.
P.s. If you call me follow these rules or else I WILL hang up on you.