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Girl's Camp

So It's Monday now and it's been exactly a week since I left for girl's camp. It was such an amazing experience. I myself am not mormon but the love and acceptance I see from these girls and women is so amazing. I felt so comfortable there and I learned that you can have fun without the things the world says you need to have fun. You just need friends who except you and your good to go. So I had an amazing time at camp and miss all my fourth years (Davas....Danger Divas........*blow out gunsmoke*...in a good way) So July I have to go to my mom's for the whole month and I'm not gonna survive. I just want to go to Warped Tour and a couple of movies and Laura's party.....idk if that will happen though........because my mom is being cheap and spending money on her dogs......but not me.....so I'm trying to get a job. (If you need ANYTHING done just call me and I'll do it). So yea this might be my last post for awhile. I really wanna go to San antonio and the montrose area this summer.....I might have to wait until august to do that though...:( So pray I'll make it....and I won't kill Michael.